Top 5 Banks In Maine That Offer Best Financial Services

Top 5 Banks In Maine That Offer Best Financial Services

Whether you are looking for a student loan at a low-interest rate or a low-down-payment option for your car loan, you will find it all in Maine. Maine has many top banks that compete with each other to offer some of the best services to residents of the state. The following is a list of the best banks in Maine which will help you find the institution you are looking for.

  • Chase Bank
    If you are looking for the best deal on checking accounts, you won’t find a better bank than Chase Bank. This bank provides checking account options that are affordable, convenient, and have a decent signup bonus. Chase charges a nominal fee of around $12 on its checking accounts, which can be avoided by maintaining a minimum balance or getting some direct cash deposits. Chase bank also provides good accessibility through its widespread network of branches. Chase is one of the three largest banks in the nation. Hence, it provides some of the best services like a robust app, online interface for all transactions, and a comprehensive selection of various financial products.
  • CIT Bank
    This is the best bank when it comes to the best interest rates on savings accounts. It is the leading choice of people looking to maximize the interest rates on their savings accounts. This bank operates as an online business in most states, and its app allows customers to manage their finances without having to visit a branch. Because this bank operates online, it saves a lot of overheads and passes on these savings to its customers by charging no monthly fee. So, there is no extra charge levied on savings.

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  • Ally Bank
    This financial institution is an online bank that provides excellent checking and savings features. Ally Bank provides a balance among strong rates, easy account access, and a huge selection of account types. This bank is better than any other online banks because it provides both saving and checking accounts at decent rates. It further connects both these accounts with an easy-to-use app. With Ally Bank, customers are not required to maintain a minimum balance, and the checking accounts come with no ATM fee or monthly fee.
  • Wells Fargo
    This is Maine’s favorite bank for small businesses. Wells Fargo has some excellent business loan products that are on par with its competitors. The rate of interest charged on the loans is one of the best in the industry, and these loans come with a lot of perks and offers. Wells Fargo is one of the only banks in the state that clearly mentions its interest rates on its website and other websites, which gives a clear picture to its customers. The business checking account of Wells Fargo is also unique and comes with very easy rules and regulations.
  • Bank of America
    This is the best bank for students in Maine. This bank offers accounts that come with low fees, easy access to ATMs and branches, and a number of attractive loan packages for students as well as small businessmen. The bank provides easy international transfers and offers a mobile app that makes transactions and other processes very convenient for students, who cannot get off campus very often.

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